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Squeeze hose peristaltic pump Cement pump

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When the hose pump, the rotor body is rotated, a pair of rollers on the rotor body along a special hose rotation roll and the pressing force generated by the peristaltic pump housing hose flattening, the tube itself and the elastic side guide rollers forced, through restitution produce vacuum suction liquid, the liquid is discharged from the inner tube of the pressure roller mechanical squeezed, so cyclical. This peristaltic pump is simple structure, easy. The peristaltic pump is mainly determined by the durability and corrosion resistance of the elastic tube, the flow of the motor speed and the size of the inner diameter of the pipe, so the key is to choose the tube and the speed of regulatory agencies, as long as a sufficiently long tube life, speed and stability, long-term maintaining quantitative transmission is not a problem.


hose pump

1. Architecture----mortar, plaster, architectural coating, refractory, accelerator, soil slurry, waste water treatment...
2. Chemical----corrosive, caustic material...
3. Brewing-----yeast, diatomaceous-earth, flocculant...
4. Food and Beverage----milk, confiture, salad, syrup, chocolate...
5. Others----paper, ceramics, pharmaceutics, agriculture, mining, print...


hose pump 

cement pump

Cement hose pump Features:

No seals
No valves 
Self -priming
Only tube to replace
Dry –running without damage
No contact between product and mechanical parts
Able to pump products with solid parts inside
Easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time

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