Wet mix cement mortar spraying machine

/Wet mix cement mortar spraying machine

Wet mix cement mortar spraying machine

SPT30 mortar spraying machine is quite suitable for pumping the wet mix mortar and spraying the walls and Widely used in construction, Like pumping and spraying Insulating plasters, Cement mortars, Gypsum plasters, Self-leveling floor screeds, Lime plasters, Masonry mortars, fireproof paint. In a lot of countries, this kind plaster machine for sale has been generally used because of its reliability and stability.

1. Small volume, light weight, convenient in indoor and outdoor mobile, construction;

2. Screw pump for pumping materials, guarantee the ejected material evenly, continuous;
3. Machine with high efficiency, low noise;
4. Module design, simple operation, easy maintenance.
5. The rotor/stator pump ensures the material is pumped and sprayed out continuously and evenly.

The Max. conveying length is 50m and the output is 30L/min.

The MOQ of wet mix spraying is 1 set and it can be customized according to your requirement.

Normally the machine enjoy one year warranty and we can send engineers to guide the installation and train your operators.

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