How to maintain putty spraying machine

//How to maintain putty spraying machine

How to maintain putty spraying machine

Putty sprayer

The putty spraying machine is a small machine for mixing, pumping and spraying high-quality putty powder. It is a kind of putty spraying machine in the spraying machine. It mainly sprays various kinds of decorative putty produced at home and abroad, and the spray gun can achieve atomization effect. The spraying area can reach 1500 square meters per day, which is suitable for house protection, painting, and plastering base slurry.

Maintenance of putty sprayer

1. Every time the pump core is cleaned, a little silicone oil lubrication and anti-embroidering must be added. The purpose is to protect the turning core from rusting and to start smoothly after the next use.
2. When the machine is working, the electric box door must be closed and locked to prevent dust and moisture from entering and damaging the machine components.
3. The housing must be refueled before and after work every day and the gearbox oil is checked frequently.
4. When moving the machine at the construction site, the power cord must be unplugged regardless of distance.
5. When cleaning the machine, the electric box can only be wiped and not rinsed.

putty spraying machine

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