Cement grout pump

//Cement grout pump

Cement grout pump

Cement grout pump

The conveying pipe of the hydraulic grouting machine should have firm support, minimize the state of the elbow, the joints are firmly connected, and the pipe must not be pressurized or hang heavy objects. It should be operated idly, check the rotation direction is correct, and the transmission part, working device and hopper filter are complete and reliable before operation. Before using a cement grout pump, you need to pay attention to the following problems.

First use a pump to send concentrated lime water or lime paste into the pipeline for lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

When the operation is normal, the mortar can be placed in the pump. The mortar pump shall be continuously operated.

When the mortar is not used for a short time, the slurry return valve may be opened to circulate the mortar in the pump body.

If the downtime is long, it should be pumped once every 3 to 5 minutes to make the mortar in the pipeline and the pump body. Flow to prevent condensation and block.

cement grout pump

Precautions for cement grouting machine:

Firstly carry out water test run before use, test and check whether the joints and pump body packings leak water;

After the dry pump tests the water, send the thin mortar into the pipeline to lubricate the pipeline, especially for the first time.

It is more important to use the new pipe to avoid blockage of the pipe; check whether the ball valve works normally when testing the water.

Put the mortar into the cement grouting pump; use the mortar in the mortar bucket at any time to prevent sedimentation; pay attention to the pressure gauge pointer. When the pressure exceeds the limit, the power should be turned off, and then restarted after the pressure is lowered to avoid the hose bursting due to excessive pressure.

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