High-pressure hydraulic grouting pump

//High-pressure hydraulic grouting pump

High-pressure hydraulic grouting pump

Full hydraulic grouting pump

Grouting pumps are widely used in mines, tunnels, water conservancy, subways, buildings, bridges and other construction sites for grouting and water blocking, filling voids, and strengthening broken rock formations.

High pressure grouting pump features:

1. The pump has advanced structure, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, convenient to use and maintain;

2. Full-featured, it can be used to inject single-component slurry, or double-component slurry, which can be injected with chemical, slurry, or other cement ;

3.Each cylinder works synchronously, the mixing ratio can be adjusted, and the mixing can be adjusted. It can act as an emulsion pump, hydraulic pump, etc., for other applications;

3. It has good safety and can be used safely in places with flammable, explosive, large temperature and humidity changes;

4. The parameters can be adjusted according to different requirements of customers. Meet different pressure flow and special requirements of different conveying media;

5. It can work in three cylinders or two cylinders to achieve the slurry mixing ratio of 4:1 or 1:1. The pump has high pressure and large output flow, which can meet the high-intensity injection construction.

Common use:

The machine is suitable for grouting with either of single slurry. It can be widely used for tunnels, slope, mining, bridge and all sorts of underground engineering etc.

Cement grouting pump

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