Grouting cement mixer pump method

//Grouting cement mixer pump method

Grouting cement mixer pump method

Grouting cement mixer pump method,cement grout pump how to pour engine oil

Multi-functional grouting machine grouting cement is mainly used in the construction of railway road tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine roadways, military facilities, various underground buildings and emergency areas.

cement grouting pump

cement grouting pump

What are the precautions for the construction of multi-function grouting machine, grout mixer pump?

cement grouting machine with mixer

cement grouting machine with mixer

Pay attention to the following points when operating a multi-function grout cement grouting method:

1. Before using the multi-function grouting machine, make electricity safety, check the line for damage leakage.

2, pay attention to the fuel pump tank fueling, refueling to the oil window observation position. Add 68# in summer and 46# hydraulic oil in winter.

3, connect the multi-function grouting machine suction port, the slurry outlet, U-joint connection. Inject lubricant into the oil hole of the cylinder to ensure that the wearing parts such as pistons in the cylinder are lubricated.

4. Turn on the power and turn on the power. First, pour the water for 5-10 minutes, then pour the cement slurry.

5. When the grouting pump is ready to stop, fresh water is added to the suction tank, and the grouting pump works for more than ten minutes, and the grouting port is filled with clear water.

6. Eliminate the mud and debris of the grouting pump to ensure the advantages and principles of the grouting pump

Cement grouting pump

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