Automatic Wall Cement Plastering Machine

//Automatic Wall Cement Plastering Machine

Automatic Wall Cement Plastering Machine

Wall Cement Plastering Machine

The automatic cement plastering machine is widely used in wall plastering operations in commercial houses, office buildings, factories, schools, rural self-built houses, etc. It has the characteristics of fast positioning, high plastering quality, fast speed and smooth plastering surface. The advent of the wall plaster machine greatly reduced the labor intensity of the plastering workers, greatly improved the plastering efficiency and shortened the construction period.

wall plastering machine

Basically no floor ash, water saving, material saving, can reduce the cost by more than 20%.

Fast, efficient, and labor intensive, an automatic wall plastering machine is equivalent to the workload of 20 skilled workers.

A multi-purpose plastering machine can wipe the wall: cement wall, brick wall, hollow wall, burn-free brick wall and so on. Applicable ash; white sand ash, cement ash, foaming mortar, etc. It is a special equipment for plastering of residential buildings and office buildings.

The automatic wall wiper can be completely wiped to the top. One millimeter does not stay, and the yin and yang angles can be applied in place.

cement plastering machine

Wall cement plastering machine features:

1. The pole can be folded and it is more convenient to enter the door;
2. The new design is used to widen the aluminum alloy pole, which has high toughness and light weight;
3. Adopt automatic positioning mode, faster speed and higher precision;
4. The effective construction area can be increased, reducing the amount of subsequent manual repair work;
5. The volume of the ash bucket is increased by about 3 times, and the ash is added once under 4 meters, which saves time and effort.
6. The ash bucket adopts a rotatable design, and the transport truck can directly dump the ash into the ash hopper.
7. Manual or automatic control of ash delivery and ash delivery time according to actual needs;
8. The plastering equipment lifting speed is increased by 25%, which effectively increases work efficiency.

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