Automatic wall plastering machine

//Automatic wall plastering machine

Automatic wall plastering machine

Automatic plastering machine Solutions

Automatic rendering machine for wall is suitable for the construction. It makes rendering easier, faster and effortless. Our plastering machine also can work with different mortar which bring it to a smooth, flat finish with adjustable thickness to suit each application.

plaster rendering machine features:

1.The rendering machine can reach the very top of the roof.

2.Combine with the screw and conveying belt to achieve the vibrating compaction, no crack.

3.Laser positioning automatically.

4.Hydraulic lifting methods to improve the stability of the plaster machine.

Applicable wall:

Cement wall, Brick wall, Hollow wall, No-burning brick wall etc.

Applicable mortar:

White sand mortar, Cement mortar, Foam mortar etc.

rendering machine for wall

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