Double cylinder cement mortar grouting pump price

//Double cylinder cement mortar grouting pump price

Double cylinder cement mortar grouting pump price

Cement mortar grouting pump

cement grouting pump

The cement mortar grouting equipment is mainly used in construction engineering, and is used for vertical and horizontal conveying of mortar. It should be widely used in grouting grouting operations and other media transportation in various foundation construction projects.

Mortar delivery 6m3/h
Work pressure 1.5-3MPa
Power 4KW
Motor speed 1420r/min
Number of plunger cylinders Double cylinder
Grouting hose inner diameter Φ38/51mm
Inlet hose inner diameter Φ51mm
Dimensions 1250*430*850mm
Total Weight 320kg

Grouting pumps are widely used in:

1. Cement grout pump is used to transport mortar vertically and horizontally.

2. Used in the metallurgical steel sector to repair blast furnaces and other equipment.

3. Used for grouting in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, mine and tunnel construction.

4. In the chemical industry, it is used to transport slurry raw materials (paste, coating), magnetic materials and other media.

5. Used to reinforce the dam in farmland and water conservancy projects. Sand wells are used to reinforce well walls and so on.

6. In the railway construction, it is used for grouting reinforcement of bridges and culverts.

7. Used in coal-fired power plants to transport fly ash mortar.

8. Prestressed component engineering is used for mortar injection expansion.

9. In the maintenance of highway pavement, the cement grouting pump is used for de-airing and grouting at the bottom of cement concrete pavement.

cement grouting pump

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