Advantages of wet concrete spraying machine

//Advantages of wet concrete spraying machine

Advantages of wet concrete spraying machine

Advantages of wet sprayers compared with dry sprayers

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Wet spray machine is to mix concrete or cement with water, then spray, no need to add water in the nozzle, no dust is generated during work, and the environment is excellent; in terms of cost.

Although the dry spray machine is superior to the wet spray machine, the operation of the dry spray machine It requires a lot more manpower than a wet spray machine, which means that the cost is still due to the dry spray machine.

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In recent years, wet spray machines have become more and more widely used in various occasions, such as tunnels, highways, railways, water wells, rock slopes, coal mine shafts, etc., which are inseparable from the operation of wet spray machines.

Dry spray machines need to add water to the spray heads during spraying, but this still remains. It will produce a lot of dust, and the spraying effect is not as good as that of wet spray machines. It has polluted the environment. The country has been advocating environmental protection for several years. Moreover, these dusts can also cause harm to workers’ bodies.

Relatively speaking, wet spray machines can avoid these situations. The occurrence of the wet spray machine is obvious.

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The wet spray machine is an ideal equipment for anchor spray construction.

The wet spray has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, uniform spray, low dust, less rebound, large range of water and ash, reliable technical performance, and improved spray layer quality.

We also have the performance of wet spray, dry spray and integrated, you can choose as needed to achieve better results.

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